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Changes (by ken@…):

 * priority:  normal => high


 Release notes now available.

 Updated Firefox Login Manager to allow HTTPS pages to use saved HTTP
 logins. It’s one more way Firefox is supporting Let’s Encrypt and helping
 users transition to a more secure web.

 Added features to Reader Mode that make it easier on the eyes and the ears

 ·  Controls that allow users to adjust the width and line spacing of text
 ·  Narrate, which reads the content of a page out loud

 Improved video performance for users on systems that support SSSE3 without
 hardware acceleration

 Added context menu controls to HTML5 audio and video that let users loops
 files or play files at 1.25x speed

 Improvements in about:memory reports for tracking font memory usage.

 Security advisory at [https://www.mozilla.org/en-
 US/security/advisories/mfsa2016-85/], three marked as critical and
 potentially exploitable.

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