#8330: firefox scroll bars broken  again.
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 Whilst I was using ff-48.0.2 on LFS-7.10 I realised that the scrollbars
 were again missing their sliders - that was with  gtk+-3.20.9 and the
 gtk-3.20 patch.

 With 49.0 the patch has apparently been merged upstream (e.g. fedora
 dropped it), but the problem remains.

 This does not stop scrolling (use cursor keys, or put the mouse in the
 scrollbar), but it can make it slightly harder to use.

 Today I updated several previous systems to ff-49 using gtk3 - on all of
 them (up to early August, which had gtk+-3.20.6) the scrollbars work
 correctly and are styled for gtk3 (a coloured area wit h curved edges).

 That made me realise that on my 7.10 system the scrollbars are styled as
 if for gtk2, but without the slider.

 Temporarily reverting to gtk+-3.20.6 did not fix this.

 I'm creating a ticket in the hope that the fix eventually becomes
 apparent. If things work with gtk+-3.22 it will be fine to close this.

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