#8341: Incorrect LLVM dependency in Mesa
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 Note on the Mesa page states that LLVM and elfutils are required for
 several drivers.

 That's not entirely true.

 LLVM only is required for r300 (not elfutils).

 Neither LLVM or elfutils are needed for r600 unless one uses --enable-r600
 -llvm-compiler or enables OpenCL, neither which is default in BLFS; Former
 switch shouldn't be done anyways, SB is superior to llvm compiler.

  --enable-r600-llvm-compiler: Use this switch to enable an experimental
 R600 LLVM backend for graphics shaders which claims to speed up the

 This statement should be reworked/removed, as it's no longer true (it may
 have been at one period in the past).

 Both elfutils and LLVM are required only for radeonsi.

 And still, only LLVM, without AMDGPU target, is needed for swr/llvmpipe.
 If llvm is not present, llvmpipe won't be built, but softpipe will be
 (both are different swrast implementations).


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