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> Author: ken
> Date: Fri Oct 14 19:41:16 2016
> New Revision: 17886
> Log:
> Perl Modules:
> · Remove optional Encode deps from MIME::Charset
> · Delete all commented modules
> · Add text file of modules in core perl known to be referenced in Makefile.PL 
> files 
>   so that adding a new module will be less prone to adding a core dependency.
> Added:
>    trunk/BOOK/general/prog/perl-core-modules.txt

> +Config::Autoconf

Error, mea culpa.  That one (actually Config::AutoConf with
CamelCase) is NOT a core module (and is correctly identified as a
dep of Text::BibTeX although the relationships of the deps shown
for it might be wrong -  they certainly belong to Text::BibTex
itself, I will need to look at Config::AutoConf to check that - just
when I thought I had the deps all sorted :-(

This (perl-core-modules.txt) will be fixed when I finish the biber
changes, I've got an incomplete set of biber changes in my local
repo so I can't commit at the moment - compared to git, svn is a
pain in this situation (with git I could just stash the changes
and commit the fix), but probably worth it for numeric revision

Sorry about that.

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