#8436: guile-2.0.13 (CVE-2016-8605 CVE-2016-8606)
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 - CVE-2016-8605 (information disclosure)

 The mkdir procedure of GNU Guile, an implementation of the
 Scheme programming language, temporarily changed the
 process' umask to zero.  During that time window, in a
 multithreaded application, other threads could end up
 creating files with insecure permissions. For example, mkdir
 without the optional mode argument would create directories
 as 0777.

 - CVE-2016-8606 (arbitrary code execution)

 It was  reported that the REPL server is vulnerable to the
 HTTP inter- protocol attack. This constitutes a remote code
 execution vulnerability for developers running a REPL server
 that listens on a loopback device or private network.
 Applications that do not run a REPL server, as is usually
 the case, are unaffected.


 A remote attacker is able to execute arbitrary code via a HTTP
 inter-protocol attack if the REPL server is listening on a
 loopback device or private network.

 Running a multi-threaded guile application can cause
 directories or files to be created with world
 readable/writable/executable permissions during a small window
 which leads to information disclosure.




Comment (by renodr):

 Bruce, just updating the description with the list of security fixes and
 marking as high. Missed these while I was away from both of my email

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