#8447: xfce4-terminal-0.8.0
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Comment (by renodr):

 Release notes for 0.8.0
 This is a major release indicating that the gtk3 version of
 xfce4-terminal has become stable enough to be officially released and
 taken by all distributions.

 - Move context menu zoom actions to a sub-menu
 - Fix some build-time deprecation warnings
 - Fix hiding of dropdown terminal
 - Fix setting focus to dropdown window (bug #12878)
 - Fix "Always keep window on top" setting that was ignored
 - Show missing action icons in dropdown mode
 - Add rewrap on resize control option to Preferences
 - Add --show/hide-scrollbar command line options (bug #1779)
 - Implement background image support (bug #12845);
   add BackgroundImageShading setting for background image mode
 - Remove "Scrolling single line" option as the functionality is
   by vte (bug #12816)
 - Add mouse-wheel binding for zoom: Shift + Ctrl + wheel up/down
 controlled by
   a hidden option MiscMouseWheelZoom - ON by default (bug #12869)
 - Do not set DISPLAY variable in non-X11 environments (e.g. Wayland)
   (bug #12867)
 - Fix memory leak when showing preferences dialog
 - Fix menubar text not visible with some themes
 - Fix vte "resize-window" signal handler (bug #12859)
 - Fix notebook widget transparency seen under Unity
 - Make vte transparency work in Gnome under both X11 and Wayland
 - Show warning and disable Opacity control in Preferences if window
   does not support compositing
 - Fix tab activity indication
 - Fix geometry positioning when a negative offset is used (bug #12833)
 - Quote all file names/URIs drag-and-dropped to the terminal (bug
 - Fix cursor focus (bug #12807)
 - Translation updates: Bulgarian, Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Czech,
   English (Australia), French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean,
   Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak,
   Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian

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