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Comment (by bdubbs@…):

 libxkbcommon 0.7.2 - 2017-08-04

 - Added a Meson build system as an alternative to existing autotools build

   The intent is to remove the autotools build in one of the next releases.
   Please try to convert to it and report any problems.

   See http://mesonbuild.com/Quick-guide.html for basic usage, the
   meson_options.txt for the project-specific configuration options,
   and the PACKAGING file for more details.

   There are some noteworthy differences compared to the autotools build:

   - Feature auto-detection is not performed. By default, all features are
     enabled (currently: docs, x11, wayland). The build fails if any of
     the required dependencies are not available. To disable a feature,
     pass -Denable-<feature>=false to meson.

   - The libraries are either installed as shared or static, as specified
     by the -Ddefault_library=shared/static option. With autotools, both
     versions are installed by default.

   - xorg-util-macros is not used.

   - A parser generator (bison/byacc) is always required - there is no
     fallback to pre-generated output bundled in the tarball, as there is
     in autotools.

 - Removed Android.mk support.

 - Removed the *-uninstalled.pc pkgconfig files.

 - Ported the interactive-wayland demo program to v6 of the xdg-shell

 - Added new keysym definitions from xproto.

 - New API: [[br]]
   XKB_KEY_XF86Keyboard [[br]]
   XKB_KEY_XF86WWAN     [[br]]
   XKB_KEY_XF86RFKill   [[br]]

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