#9584: evolution evolution-data-server 3.24.5
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Comment (by bdubbs@…):

 Evolution-Data-Server 3.24.5 2017-08-07

 Bug Fixes:
  -  Bug 785136 - Summary changes can be lost on folder leave (Milan Crha)
  -  Bug 785188 - Do not add LIB_INSTALL_DIR into RPATH (Milan Crha)
  -  Bug 785212 - Quit with a large vFolder causes load of each message
 info (Milan Crha)
  -  Bug 785393 - [ESourceRefresh] Let zero Refresh interval mean 'No
 periodic update' (Milan Crha)

  - Workaround issue with badRequest/invalid format for Google address book
 (Milan Crha)
  - Deadlock on exit under e-categories.c:finalize_categories() (Milan
  - [Vala] Fix a warning with a virtual method being the same name as
 another method (Corentin Noël)

 Evolution 3.24.5 2017-08-07

 Bug Fixes:
  - Bug 785031 - Indefinite loop under
 e_editor_dom_merge_siblings_if_necessary() (Milan Crha)
  - Bug 785127 - Change in composer body doesn't trigger autosave timeout
 (Milan Crha)
  - Bug 785188 - Do not add LIB_INSTALL_DIR into RPATH (Milan Crha)
  - Bug 785233 - Do not add extra comma in Open Map query (Milan Crha)
  - Bug 785412 - Skip disabled accounts in Reply-all user address lookup
 (Milan Crha)
  - Bug 777086 - Composer sometimes hangs on right-click above a word in
 the body (Milan Crha)
  - Bug 785717 - Add plain minus key to collapse thread (Milan Crha)
  - Bug 785800 - Page Up/Down in monthly calendar view not skipping a month
 (Milan Crha)

  - Workaround broken GPG encrypted messages from Exchange and GroupWise
 servers (Milan Crha)
  - Reply-To header value lost on Draft message reopen (Milan Crha)
  - Set shadow for Aliases scrolled window in mail account Properties
 (Milan Crha)

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