#9582: gtk+3 3.22.18
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Comment (by bdubbs@…):

 Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.22.18

 * Support entering emoji by name, using Ctrl-Shift-E

 * Wayland:
  - Add support for the shortcut inhibitor protocol
  - Support Wacome tablet wheel scrolling

 * Bug fixes:
  771959 gtk_init_with_args fails when no display is found / does not
 comply w...
  776903 Label with hyperlinks cannot be opened with touch on wayland
  776909 gtk_adjustment_clamp_page: Conditional jump or move depends on
  777333 In a GNOME Wayland session, gnome-terminal windows cannot be moved
  777515 gtk3-icon-browser doesn't list document-edit-symbolic icon
  778188 VTE crashes on multiple repeated BELL chars
  780938 No icon tooltip shown in GtkEntry
  781246 Return value of gtk_widget_get_parent_window should be marked
  782870 X11 Grabbing Broken with GtkScrolledWindow
  783343 Wayland: RFC - add shortcut inhibitor support
  783649 negative content width warning in GtkLevelbar
  783716 Support wayland-tablet wheel events
  783906 gtk_accelerator_get_label broken
  784624 process-stop-symbolic hardcoded as app menu fallback
  785255 Quitting world's simplest program containing a single GtkEntry
  785375 Cursors for Wacom tablets are not always updated correctly under
  785423 Missing nullable annotation for gtk_bin_get_child
  785672 Entry: Setting icon tooltip to empty disables tooltip on whole

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