#9587: wayland-1.14.0
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Comment (by bdubbs@…):

 No change log or release announcement.  Closest I can find is:


 Changes since last release:

     Bryce Harrington (2):
       configure.ac: bump version to 1.13.90 for open development
       configure.ac: bump to version 1.13.91 for the alpha release

     Carlos Garnacho (1):
       tests: Fix "new ID" type handling in argument_from_va_list test

     Daniel Stone (2):
       scanner: Reword fallthrough comment to quiet GCC
       docs: Reference Contributor Covenant

     Emil Velikov (1):
       wayland-util: do not export the wl_map_* API

     Eric Engestrom (1):
       connection-test: fix assert

     Sergi Granell (1):
       wayland-server: Remove unused members from struct wl_client

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