#9590: inkscape-0.92.2
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 Release notes at [https://inkscape.org/en/release/0.92.2/],
 download from
 [https://inkscape.org/en/release/0.92.2/source/archive/dl/bz2/] (if I've
 copied that correctly).

 Builds ok with cmake, no test or check targets, DESTDIR install looks ok

 Using autogen and configure make ends with a warning about bad markup in
 translations, but has status 0 - the DESTDIR install has lots more
 warnings about bad markup. Make check appears to work (some tests skipped
 because I do not have numpy installed) but again has lots of output from
 translations and ends in error, I think from the markup (unclosed tags).

 The cmake build continues to install /usr/lib/inkscape which contains
 libinkscape_base.so as well as various redundant static libsomename_LIB.a
 (redundant because no headers or pc files, so nothing will use them).

 The cmake build installs inkscape-logo.svg in

 The autogen build installs an appdata directory with some xml, and French,
 Japanese manpages, both install German, Greek, Slovak, Taiwanese manpages.

 Not tested, I'm going to install mine using cmake.

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