#9597: colord-1.4.0
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 We have now colord-1.2.12 in both books and colord-1.3.5 in the systemd

 Only gnome-color-manager uses colord-1.3.5 in the book right now.

 It appears this package is only for systemd and replaces colord-1.3.5.

 This package does not appear to support an autotools build.  Placing in

 Version 1.4.0 Released: 2017-08-09

 New Features:
  - Port to the Meson build system (Richard Hughes)
  - Enable Travis CI for Fedora 25 and Debian Stretch (Richard Hughes)
  - Make PolicyKit, gusb and udev a hard requirement (Richard Hughes)

  - Add some experimental tools for the HueyCOLOR sensor as found in the
 P70 (Richard Hughes)
  - Conditionally build documentation and man pages (Emmanuele Bassi)
  - Correctly build the ICC transfer curve for Rec709 (Richard Hughes)
  - Do not build the examples as part of the regular build (Richard Hughes)
  - Do not spin the Huey LEDs when the sensor is embedded (Richard Hughes)
  - Do not use /tmp to create profiles (Richard Hughes)
  - Fix the version numbers in cd-version.h to reflect reality (Ben Iofel,
 Emmanuele Bassi)
  - Get the Huey status before trying to unlock (Richard Hughes)
  - Use a different Huey unlock code on the W700 laptop (Richard Hughes)

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