#10333: iptables-1.6.2
 Reporter:  bdubbs@…     |       Owner:  bdubbs@…
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  8.2
Component:  BOOK         |     Version:  SVN
 Severity:  normal       |  Resolution:
 Keywords:               |

Comment (by bdubbs@…):

 Aastha Gupta (2):
       iptables-translate: add test file for TCPMSS extension
       iptables: iptables-compat translation for TCPMSS

 Ahmed Abdelsalam (1):
       extensions: add support for 'srh' match

 Arushi Singhal (1):
       iptables: extensions: Remove typedef in struct.

 Baruch Siach (1):
       utils: nfsynproxy: fix build with musl libc

 Dan Williams (3):
       libiptc: don't set_changed() when checking rules with module jumps
       iptables-restore/ip6tables-restore: add --version/-V argument
       iptables-restore.8: document -w/-W options

 Elise Lennion (1):
       extensions: libxt_hashlimit: Add translation to nft

 Florian Westphal (2):
       tests: xlate-test: no need to require superuser privileges
       policy: add nft translation for simple policy none/strict use case

 Gargi Sharma (2):
       iptables: Constify option struct
       extensions: libxt_TOS: Add translation to nft

 Harsha Sharma (6):
       iptables: Constify option struct
       Update .gitignore
       libxt_TOS: add tests for translation infrastructure
       tests: xlate: print output in same way as nft-test.py
       extensions: add tests for ipcomp protocol
       extensions: libxt_hashlimit: Do not print default timeout and burst

 James Cowgill (1):
       extensions: libxt_hashlimit: fix 64-bit printf formats

 Jan Engelhardt (2):
       libxtables: remove unnecessary nesting from host_to_ip(6)addr
       libxtables: abolish AI_CANONNAME

 Juergen Borleis (1):
       iptables: change large file support handling

 Liping Zhang (2):
       xshared: do not lock again and again if "-w" option is not specified
       xshared: using the blocking file lock request when we wait

 Lorenzo Colitti (5):
       iptables: set the path of the lock file via a configure option.
       iptables: move XT_LOCK_NAME from CFLAGS to config.h.
       iptables: remove duplicated argument parsing code
       iptables-restore: support acquiring the lock.
       iptables: insist that the lock is held.

 Louis Sautier (1):
       xtables-compat-restore: fix translation of mangle's OUTPUT

 Mart Frauenlob (1):
       iptables: extensions: Fix MARK target help

 Max Laverse (1):
       iptables: masquerade: add randomize-full support

 Oliver Ford (4):
       libxtables: Display weird character warning for wildcards
       iptables: Fix crash on malformed iptables-restore
       iptables: Add file output option to iptables-save
       iptables-xml: Fix segfault on jump without a target

 Pablo M. Bermudo Garay (8):
       tests: add regression tests for xtables-translate
       tests: xlate: remove python 3.5 dependency
       tests: xlate: check if it is being run as root
       tests: xlate: generalize owner
       libip6t_icmp6: xlate: remove leftover space
       xtables-translate: fix double space before comment
       xtables-compat-restore: fix several memory leaks
       xtables-compat: fix memory leak when listing

 Pablo Neira Ayuso (7):
       libxt_hashlimit: add new unit test to catch kernel bug
       iptables-translate: print nft command for each expand rules via dns
       iptables-translate: print nft iff there are more expanded rules to
       iptables-compat: do not allow to delete populated user define chains
       extensions: hashlimit: fix incorrect burst in translations
       extensions: hashlimit: remove space before burst in translation to
       iptables 1.6.2 release

 Phil Sutter (8):
       extensions: libxt_addrtype: Add translation to nft
       xtables-translate: Avoid querying the kernel
       utils: nfnl_osf: Fix synopsis in help text
       utils: Add a man page for nfnl_osf
       ip{,6}tables-restore: Don't ignore missing wait-interval value
       ip{,6}tables-restore: Don't accept wait-interval without wait
       extensions: libxt_tcpmss: Detect invalid ranges
       libxt_recent: Remove ineffective checks for info->name

 Rafael Buchbinder (1):
       extensions: libxt_bpf: fix missing __NR_bpf declaration

 Shyam Saini (2):
       extensions: libxt_cluster: Add translation to nft
       extensions: Add test for cluster nft translation

 Thierry Du Tre (2):
       extensions: ip6t_{S,D}NAT: multiple to-dst/to-src arguments not
       extensions: ip6t_{S,D}NAT: add more tests

 Varsha Rao (6):
       iptables: Remove explicit static variables initalization.
       iptables: Remove unnecessary braces.
       iptables: xtables-eb: Remove const qualifier from struct option
       extensions: libxt_tcpmss: Add test case for invalid ranges.
       iptables: Remove const qualifier from struct option.
       extensions: Add macro _DEFAULT_SOURCE.

 Vincent Bernat (1):
       iptables-restore/save: exit when given an unknown option

 Vishwanath Pai (1):
       netfilter: xt_hashlimit: add rate match mode

 Xose Vazquez Perez (1):
       iptables: update pf.os

 Yogesh Prasad (1):
       iptables: patch to correct linker flag sequence

 huaibin Wang (1):
       libxt_sctp: fix array out of range in print_chunk

 shyam saini (1):
       extensions: hashlimit: Rename 'flow table' keyword to meter


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