#10299: enchant issues
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Comment (by thomas):

 > dbus-glib is suggested as an optional dependency, but there is no sign
 of this in the configure script.
 As Bruce said, dbus-glib is mentioned. Reference to it seems to be brought
 in if Zemberek provider is enabled (--with-zemberek) but default is NO at
 this switch. If you add --with-zemberek and have no dbus-glib installed,
 configure will stop with
 checking for ZEMBEREK... no
 configure: error: in `/home/lfs/enchant-2.2.3':
 configure: error: --with-zemberek was given, but test(s) for zemberek
 See `config.log' for more details
 Even here is no reference to dbus-glib shown to user, but you find it in
 configure script as well as in the config.log file. So dbus-glib is
 required when enabling zemberek but this is turned off by default (and
 mentioned that it should not be used as it causes crashes)
 > It says " If you wish to use the Aspell- backend, create a
 symlink, as the root user:
 > ln -svfn ../../lib/aspell /usr/share/enchant/aspell"
 > ..but enchant will work with aspell without this symlink.
 Looks like, yes. will remove symlink
 > The test at the bottom of the page should read as follows:
 > enchant-2 -d en_GB -l /tmp/test-enchant.txt &&
 > enchant-2 -d en_GB -a /tmp/test-enchant.txt
 > i.e. enchant-2, not enchant
 Either symlink to enchant (I'd prefer) or modify test instructions to use
 enchant-2. Would do symlink for potential compatibility.

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