#10413: gnupg-2.2.5
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Comment (by pierre.labastie):

 Noteworthy changes in version 2.2.5 (2018-02-22)

   * gpg: Allow the use of the "cv25519" and "ed25519" short names in
     addition to the canonical curve names in --batch --gen-key.

   * gpg: Make sure to print all secret keys with option --list-only
     and --decrypt.  [#3718]

   * gpg: Fix the use of future-default with --quick-add-key for
     signing keys.  [#3747]

   * gpg: Select a secret key by checking availability under gpg-agent.

   * gpg: Fix reversed prompt texts for --only-sign-text-ids.  [#3787]

   * gpg,gpgsm: Fix detection of bogus keybox blobs on 32 bit systems.

   * gpgsm: Fix regression since 2.1 in --export-secret-key-raw which
     got $d mod (q-1)$ wrong.  Note that most tools automatically fixup
     that parameter anyway.

   * ssh: Fix a regression in getting the client'd PID on *BSD and

   * scd: Support the KDF Data Object of the OpenPGP card 3.3.  [#3152]

   * scd: Fix a regression in the internal CCID driver for certain card
     readers.  [#3508]

   * scd: Fix a problem on NetBSD killing scdaemon on gpg-agent
     shutdown.  [#3778]

   * dirmngr: Improve returned error description on failure of DNS
     resolving.  [#3756]

   * wks: Implement command --install-key for gpg-wks-server.

   * Add option STATIC=1 to the Speedo build system to allow a build
     with statically linked versions of the core GnuPG libraries.  Also
     use --enable-wks-tools by default by Speedo builds for Unix.

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