Author: pierre
Date: Sun Mar 11 13:01:24 2018
New Revision: 19942

lsb_release is not required by lxsession, even at runtime


Modified: trunk/BOOK/lxde/desktop/lxsession.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/lxde/desktop/lxsession.xml       Sun Mar 11 11:11:34 2018        
+++ trunk/BOOK/lxde/desktop/lxsession.xml       Sun Mar 11 13:01:24 2018        
@@ -76,14 +76,14 @@
     <para role="required">
       <xref linkend="dbus-glib"/>,
       <xref linkend="libunique"/>,
-      <xref role="runtime" linkend="lsb-release"/>
-         (runtime for lxde-logout so it does not crash),
       <xref linkend="polkit"/>, and
       <xref linkend="vala"/>
     <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Optional</bridgehead>
     <para role="optional">
+      <xref role="runtime" linkend="lsb-release"/> (may be used at runtime
+      to display the distribution release in the logout dialog),
       <phrase revision="sysv">
         <xref role="runtime" linkend="consolekit"/> (used at runtime by
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