#10509: hexchat-2.14.0
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Comment (by bdubbs@…):

 This version has changed to meson/ninja.

 To get it to build, I needed to use

 mkdir build &&
 cd    build &&

 meson --prefix=/usr -Dwith-libproxy=false -Dwith-lua=false .. &&
 ninja                  &&
 $SUDO ninja install

 We do not currently have libproxy in the book, but there is an older
 version in the archives that was last built for lfs 7.1!  We can probably
 get by with just listing it as an external dependency.

 The lua setting is looking for 'luajit'.  We may be able to use just
 'lua', but I've not tested it.

 HexChat ChangeLog 2.14.0 (2018-03-10)

 -    rewrite build system in Meson
 -    replace intltool build depenency with gettext >= 0.19.6
 -    rename data files to use io.github.Hexchat name
 -    add option (irc_reconnect_rejoin) to disable auto-rejoin on reconnect
 -    add ability to set custom tray icon separate of app icon
 -    fix building against OpenSSL 1.1.0
 -    fix Enchant 2.0+ support
 -    fix input box theming with Adwaita-dark
 -    fix custom sounds not respecting omit if away option
 -    fix detecting if a tray doesn’t exist on x11
 -    fix cutting off ctcp text after ending \01
 -    fix /ignore not accepting full hosts
 -    fix characters getting cut off when their width changes (on Unix)
 -    fix various possible crashes
 -    change preference window to be scroll-able
 -    remove ctrl+w binding by default
 -    remove mpcinfo plugin
 -    doat: fix channels with / in them
 -    fishlim: fix key exchange
 -    fishlim: fix building against LibreSSL
 -    sysinfo: fix pci.ids file not being found on some distros
 -    sysinfo: make libpci optional
 -    lua: avoid loading the same script multiple times
 -    update translations
 -    update libraries on Windows, including Python to 3.6

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