#10670: xterm-332
 Reporter:  bdubbs       |       Owner:  bdubbs
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  8.3
Component:  BOOK         |     Version:  SVN
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Comment (by bdubbs):

 Patch 332 - 2018/04/15

      * add a GetChecksum item to disallowedWindowOps
      * improve  notes  in  ctlseqs.ms which mention where various controls
      * add  control  sequences  for  querying  the  X display size and the
        character  size,  both  in  pixels  to  help  eliminate some of the
        constants in esctest.
      * fixes prompted by review of George Nachman's esctest script:
           - add a null-pointer check and a limit-check in xtermCheckRect.
           - correct   limit-check   for   right-margin   when   processing
             autowrapping if xterm is not built for wide-characters.
           - repair  logic  in  RIS to reset 132-column mode when an escape
             sequence is used to enable 80/132-column switching.
           - correct array-limit for EWMH working state.
           - further improve limit-checks versus assert's (see patch 315).
           - correct  order of check-margins and move-to-left margin for DL
             and IL.
           - modify  reverse-wrap to pay attention to top/bottom margins as
             it has done for left/right margins since patch 279.
           - modify  behavior of DECFI and DECBI to not index the screen at
             the  left/right  edge of the display unless those happen to be
             the left/right margins.
           - add case for VT320 DSR response for keyboard status.
      * improve   check   for  valid  shell  path  using  getusershell  and
        endusershell  if  available,  in  case  /etc/shells  does not exist
        (suggested by Rainer Orth).
      * modified configure checks for groff and man2html, to use the latter
        by  default,  but  allowing  mandoc  as  a  partial replacement for
      * revisited  the  inconsistent  copyright  notices mentioned in patch
        165,  and  eliminate  the  issue  as  mentioned  in this copyright
      * fix typo in this change-log
      * update config.guess, config.sub

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