#12251: Replace XSane with Simple-Scan
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Comment (by timtas):

 I had a look at it quickly, and it does not look too good for non-gnome

 - It builds and installs fine with meson/ninja, it asks about packagekit-
 glib2, but is fine without it.

 - It installs  tons of help pages with the  ending .help, which is some
 xml format, probably once useful in some gnome  reader.

 - It cannot be integrated into gimp

 - When calling it, it asks for a device, while xsane auto-detects my HP
 Printer Scanner on my network.

 So, in short: I cannot scan images with simple-scan, and have a fairly
 regular setup, with a hplip supported HP Printer/Scanner, that works
 perfectly fine with xsane. All I get from xsane is:

 Trace/breakpoint trap

 It's probably only useful for usb-attached devices, which is not really
 what people do.

 So, I'm strongly  advocating against dropping xsane and including simple-
 scan, simply because xscan works and simple-scan does not.

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