#13307: vala-0.48.2
 Reporter:  renodr       |      Owner:  blfs-book
     Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |  Milestone:  9.2
Component:  BOOK         |    Version:  SVN
 Severity:  normal       |   Keywords:
 New point version



  * Various improvements and bug fixes:
   - vapigen: Define "GOBJECT" corresponding to set profile of CodeContext
   - codegen:
     + Reset outdated array _size_ variable after use as ref parameter
     + Emit postconditions before free'ing local variables
     + Correctly access captured parameter in precondition of method [#144]
     + Use correctly typed array-length variable for property-getter
     + Use correctly typed array-length variable for delegate invocation
     + Inherit "array_length_type" from (base-) parameter/property/method
     + Improve handling of "array_length_type" attribute [#938]
     + Use memset to init inline-allocated array with non-constant size
     + Initialize temp-var for property array length before calling getter
     + Include "glib.h" for g_return_*() usage [#940]
   - vala:
     + Use error() instead of Report.error() inside of CodeContext.get()
     + Accept enum-values as length for inline allocated arrays [#935]
     + Improve copy of required attributes from delegate to lamdba method
     + Inherit lambda parameter attributes from delegate
     + Inline-allocated array aren't instantiated with creation expression
   - valadoc: Create and register current Vala.CodeContext properly
   - parser: Improve error message for invalid ArrayCreationExpression
   - tests: Drop usage of "--main main" and avoid ambigious entry-points
   - manual: Update from wiki.gnome.org

  * Bindings:
   - Add cairo-gobject binding
   - cairo: Add missing type_id attributes guarded by GOBJECT define
   - glib-2.0: Add binding for g_poll() [#924]
   - glib-2.0: Add binding for g_win32_ftruncate()
   - glib-2.0: Add missing IOChannel's win32 API
   - gio-2.0: Add binding for g_io_error_from_win32_error()
   - gstreamer: Update from 1.17.0+ git master
   - gtk4: Update to 3.98.1
   - posix: Add pathconf and fpathconf bindings
   - vapi: Update GIR-based bindings

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