For various reasons, among them, a lot I don't know, lfs has more and
more success in French-speaking users. It's all the more right since
Denis joined the team to maintain blfs up-to-date. Subsequently, we have
more support to do to help french-speaking users who don't speak
English. We have some people able to help, like Denis or boloco, but
they are few. Myself I don't have enough technical skills, even if I am
in progress while making my own lfs-based distro for accessibility

As I often see French mail addresses posting, I cast a call: if some
French-speaking could help supporting French-speaking users on our forum
(www.absolinux.net) and our ML (lfs-tradu...@linuxfromscratch.org), it
would be wonderful. Of course they can help the global project, but I
don't think they have enough time. If they could give us a little to
French support, we'd appreciated.

Anyway I'm happy with success of lfs fr and upstream work together! :)


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