On 10/24/2012 01:28 AM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> In reviewing the status of the book, I see that we still have 42
> packages that have not been confirmed as building and running properly
> for LFS-7.2 and were last checked for LFS-7.0.  I'd like to ask for some
> volunteers to check some of the packages below and answer the following
> questions:
> 1.  Is the version in the book still current?  If not, what is the
> current version?
> 2.  If the version is current, does the package build and run using
> LFS-7.2 and the current BLFS instructions?
> 3.  Do we need to keep the package in the book or should it be removed
> as obsolete?
> There are another 53 packages that have been checked for LFS-7.1 but not
> yet for LFS-7.2.  I'll start looking at those later.
> Any help would be appreciated.
>     -- Bruce

There were some upgrades in last few days, and this is new 
lfs70_{checked,built} list:

general/prog/librep.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
general/genutils/rep-gtk.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
x/wm/sawfish.xml:    &lfs70_checked;

These 3 go together. librep and rep-gtk aren't developed anymore from 
what I've seen. They can all go if you desire.

general/genlib/ptlib.xml:    &lfs70_built;
multimedia/libdriv/opal.xml:    &lfs70_built;

These were dependencies of Ekiga package. They aren't useful anymore - 
but they are still being developed. Also, they are last stable versions, 
upstream has ony unstable ones. I suggest we move them to archive untill 

general/genutils/compface.xml:    &lfs70_checked;

This package seems to be unmaintained. I have no need for it. Unless 
someone else needs it, I suggest you remove it, too.

general/sysutils/eject.xml:    &lfs70_checked;

This one is now part of util-linux-2.22 so I am not sure what should we 
do with it.

multimedia/libdriv/libmusicbrainz.xml:    &lfs70_checked;

This one can go as well, just replace packages' deps with external link.

multimedia/audioutils/freetts.xml:    &lfs70_checked;

Unless someone else needs this one, you can remove it, too. I have no 
idea what it does.

multimedia/libdriv/libdiscid.xml:    &lfs70_built;
multimedia/libdriv/libmusicbrainz3.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
networking/textweb/w3m.xml:    &lfs70_built;
networking/netutils/nmap.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
networking/netutils/mod_dnssd.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
networking/netutils/traceroute.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
multimedia/libdriv/libmpeg3.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
multimedia/cdwriteutils/k3b.xml:    &lfs70_checked;

I can check these.

postlfs/filesystems/jfs.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
postlfs/filesystems/reiser.xml:    &lfs70_checked;

These can get lfs72_built from me, I don't have any free partitions to 
check filesystem creation and/or fsck.

general/prog/gcc.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
general/genlib/libesmtp.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
general/sysutils/at.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
general/sysutils/gpm.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
networking/netprogs/bridgeutils.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
networking/connect/ppp.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
postlfs/shells/tcsh.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
postlfs/editors/joe.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
pst/printing/lprng.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
pst/ps/enscript.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
pst/ps/a2ps.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
pst/ps/fop.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
pst/ps/psutils.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
pst/ps/paps.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
pst/typesetting/jadetex.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
server/major/vsftpd.xml:    &lfs70_checked;
server/mail/sendmail.xml:    &lfs70_checked;

I have no use for these, sorry.
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