building xfsprogs as in the book fails.

compiling and installing seems to work. but several libraries are not 

the only shared lib is /usr/lib/

after removing the source-directory:

ldd mkfs.xfs is missing is missing

as long as the source-directory exists: => /mnt/WORK/xfsprogs-3.1.8/libdisk/.libs/ => /mnt/WORK/xfsprogs-3.1.8/libxfs/.libs/

what i got running is xfsprogs-3.1.7 from debian sid with a patch from

i tried to apply the patch to the 3.1.8 from anduin, but no success.

using 3.1.7 with the patch i get libxfs, libxlog installed in /lib and 
libdisk, libhandle,libxcmd in /usr/lib

no need for params to make as in the book, but configure
for INSTALL_USER and INSTALL_GROUP default is root

* * * cut
configure --prefix=/usr \
   --enable-readline=yes \


make install
make install-dev
make install-qa
* * * cut

the book says 'make install-dev' installs static libs, but as i have 
--disable-static with the configure, it just installs the headers.

not only mkfs.xfs works, even partclone can be built with --enable-xfs 
as the required can be found!

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