On 03/22/2014 11:34 PM, Pierre Labastie wrote:
> Le 22/03/2014 22:40, Armin K. a écrit :
>> On 03/22/2014 09:36 PM, Pierre Labastie wrote:
>>> No errors in the test now: when I first tried, I built with the sed, but did
>>> not remove the previous, non-sed, build. Now I cleaned up everything and it 
>>> works.
>>> I make a ticket and assign it to myself. Will commit tomorrow if not 
>>> tonight...
>>> regards
>>> Pierre
>> Here's the thing:
>> Default MPM in httpd-2.4.x is threaded mpm, mpm_event. You can't use
>> non-ZTS PHP apache module with it. The solution is to use non-threaded
>> MPM which is awful (prefork or something like that) or use php-fpm via
>> mod_proxy_fcgid or php-cgi via mod_fcgid (separate package). I, for one,
>> use php-fpm.
> Yes, I found that: '/usr/sbin/httpd -V' returns:
> [Sat Mar 22 23:33:07.977944 2014] [:crit] [pid 11932:tid 140408511129472]
> Apache is running a threaded MPM, but your PHP Module is not compiled to be
> threadsafe.  You need to recompile PHP.
> AH00013: Pre-configuration failed
> So the sed is not a solution...
> Will try php-fpm tomorrow.
> Pierre

sed is the solution, you just need to switch MPM in httpd. But you
really don't want to do that since it will drastically reduce
performance. php-fpm or php-cgi are the way to go nowadays.

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