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>On 20/09/2016 16:05, John Burrell wrote:
>> In the past I have used the date in  <book-location>/.svn/entries to tell me 
>> the date the book was downloaded.
>> Recently (I don't know exactly when) the entries file no longer contains the 
>> date. It simply contains '12'.
>> Is this something that you have changed? If so, would you please put the 
>> download date back into the entries file.
>> Thanks
>> jb.
>Hmmm, that file is created by the subversion software, not the blfs
>maintainers... So its format may have changed with a recent version of
>But I think you can find the date with the command "svn info | grep Date"

That gives the 'Last Changed Date' . I wanted the date that I actually 
downloaded the book.
But now that you mention it, I can change my code to use that date instead.

Thanks for your help.

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