DJ Lucas wrote:
xcb-proto will find python-2.7 before finding python3 if both are
installed, resulting in Python scripts in the wrong path. I'm not sure if this 
breaks functionality, but it's clearly not the intended result. If you want to 
build against python3 but still have
python-2.7 installed for a handful of legacy packages, you should pass
PYTHON=python3 to the configure command. Not really sure how to handle
this in the book. Options are to explain as above (provide a second
configure command or just explain to add the variable), or extend the
patch to remove the python logic from the configure script, just leave
the python3 logic. Same thing for libxcb.

If you have both python versions installed, why do you care which one is used? I suppose we could add a note right after the patch, but it seems like overkill to me.

Next is libva, which has a required dependency on Mesa. The note in
Mesa says to build libva without GLX which makes it clear enough, but it
still seems a bit odd. Should the Mesa dependency not be recommended as
opposed to required?

Again, a note in libva seems appropriate.

  -- Bruce

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