From Ticket #8427, I have created my first patch for the BLFS book and have
attached it.

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Index: general/genlib/glib2.xml
--- general/genlib/glib2.xml	(revision 17880)
+++ general/genlib/glib2.xml	(working copy)
@@ -76,8 +76,9 @@
     <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Required</bridgehead>
     <para role="required">
-      <xref linkend="libffi"/> and
-      <xref linkend="python2"/> or <xref linkend="python3"/>
+      <xref linkend="libffi"/>,  
+      <xref linkend="python2"/> or <xref linkend="python3"/> and
+      <xref linkend="pcre2"/>.
     <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Recommended</bridgehead>
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