DJ Lucas wrote:

The book says to give LSB_VERSION the value of "1.4" unconditionally. What
I was getting at is that "1.4" is really old and is the old format (and
actually, I just realized that it's not even a valid version of the spec).
"1.3" is valid (though it's 14 years old), "2.0" is not valid,
"core-2.0-noarch" is valid (12 years old), as well as

Yeah, we should probably just leave that echo statement off.

... Done.

If doing in stages, just adding an empty file is easier to explain in the
book (and for distro maintainers), in that you simply create an empty file
in the /etc/lsb-release.d directory to append to the core-$ver-noarch
value. This is all moot until I (or somebody else) test, but at least the
echo statement should be removed in the interim.

The base file is created in LFS section 9.1.

  -- Bruce

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