When rebuilding Xorg-server today (there is a new shiny version), I was expecting to get the documentation, since I had installed all the mentioned dependencies. Disappointment (not quite: I do not eagerly need the documentation right now), it was not built. Although I do not care much about the documentation, I like the book being accurate, so I looked more closely at what happened. It turns out that stylesheets specific to Xorg are needed. They are in a package xorg-sgml-doctools [1]. I plan to add it as an external optional dep, unless somebody speaks up. Actually, IIUC, this package might be needed for building doc for other Xorg packages too.

I noticed also that doxygen, xmlto, and fop are tested by configure, but not ghostscript. So I guess it should be removed from the optional deps.

And last, I see that libunwind is noted as an optional external dep for the systemd book, and not for sysv. Is there a reason why it is so? I do not see anything systemd-specific in libunwind... OTOH, looking at the code, libunwind is not needed if glibc > 2.1 is present... Anyway, I do not see any reason to not mention it for sys V.

[1] https://www.x.org/archive/individual/doc/xorg-sgml-doctools-1.11.tar.bz2
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