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Pierre Labastie wrote:
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On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 05:04:50PM +0100, Pierre Labastie wrote:
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For both seamonkey and thunderbird, system cairo is currently
disabled. But it
seems recent versions of firefox can handle system cairo. So I'd like to
enable system cairo also for new seamonkey (based on firefox 52) and
thunderbird. But how can I make sure that it works? Pointer to the
list maybe, or direct advice. Thanks for your answers.

 From memory (it was maybe 2 years ago), firefox crashed frequently -
if I opened multiple youtube tabs (hopefully paused, or with sound
off!) and then tried moving to new positions.  I think there were
also other crashes blamed on system cairo.  But firefox is more
robust these days.

Unfortunately, ff59-beta does not compile if system cairo is enabled
(one or more of the cargo packages seem to need an older version).

As of -O2, our firefox config file has it too, and says optimizing for size is broken in gcc 7, whatever that means... BTW, I have removed the extra
CFLAGS, they seem to not be needed anymore.

I think it was gcc-6, or perhaps 6.1, where we had to add those.
Without them, the firefox UI was severely broken (I think Bruce
reported inaccessible menu items).  I think I tested without that in
gcc-7, but I don't remember the result.


Things are not getting well: I was looking for a translation from French to English, so I opened the Collins French-English dictionary and entered my query. Then the result page began to display, but seamonkey crashed (segmentation fault)!

Tried again, same. At the time, my compilation options were no --enable-optimize switch  (means the optimization switch for gcc is -Os), and system cairo. I first rebuilt with --enable-optimize=-02, same crash. Then I rebuilt disabling system cairo, and... still the same result. Segfault when displaying a Collins dictionary result...

Here is the faulty link: https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/french-english

The page is displayed for less than a second, then the crash happens...

Note that I have watched youtube videos for a few hours without any crash! Switching back and forth between different tabs playing different video.

So I must be missing something, but what?

I am still using SM 2.49.1, but that page works fine for me.  I used --enable-optimize="-O2" and commented out system-cairo when I built that.

You might want to try running with gdb or strace to get a clue.  I am guessing some other system library is the problem.  Are you doing this in a 8.2-pre build or a mostly 8.1 system like I'm using?

It's on a pre-8.2 LFS/BLFS, that is: SVN-20180209 for LFS, and around the same for BLFS.

I have the same config as you, but I had removed the extra CFLAGS. When putting them back, no more crash (on this site at least).

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