If the help2man perl script by lsb_release-1.4 is installed in /usr/bin
according the book instructions, the build fails with

[125/127] Generating pango-view.1 with a custom command.
FAILED: pango-view/pango-view.1
/usr/bin/help2man --no-info --section=1 '--help-option="--help-all"' '--name="Pango text viewer"' --output=pango-view/pango-view.1 /tmp/pango-1.40.14/build/pango-view/pango-view
Unknown option: help-option
`help2man' generates a man page out of `--help' and `--version' output.

Usage: help2man [OPTION]... EXECUTABLE

-n, --name=STRING use `STRING' as the description for the NAME paragraph
 -s, --section=SECTION     use `SECTION' as the section for the man page
 -i, --include=FILE        include material from `FILE'
 -I, --opt-include=FILE    include material from `FILE' if it exists
 -o, --output=FILE         send output to `FILE'
 -N, --no-info             suppress pointer to Texinfo manual
     --alt_version_key=KEY use specified flag instead of --version
     --help                print this help, then exit
     --version             print version number, then exit

EXECUTABLE should accept `--help' and `--version' options.

The lsb_release-1.4 help2man does not accept the --help-option. With
sed '/--help-option=/d' -i pango-view/meson.build
it builds ok.

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