Hello, I have a couple things I noticed in the systemd version of
BLFS.  First on the systemd-237 package page, it has cryptsetup listed
under optional dependiences, but it doesn't link to the
cryptsetup-1.7.5 that is in the BLFS book.  Also on the systemd-237
page, I notice that it doesn't follow instruction order of systemd-237
in LFS or other meson built packages.  By that I mean, create the
build directory first then go into the build directory.  Like this:

mkdir -p build
cd         build

meson --options ..

Next is an issue I think with the LFS and BLFS systemd book.  I could
be wrong but, isn't
'--with-console-auth-dir=/run/console'  in dbus instructions only
needed for Consolekit, which not used in the systemd book.  Also the
dbus NEWS file says this is deprecated and will be removed in version

Last I see that when you build libseccomp-2.3.3, it installs the
binary scmp_sys_resolver with an rpath:
/path/to/source/libseccomp-2.3.3/src/.libs.  What I did was use a
program called chrpath to delete the rpath.
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