On 11/03/2018 13:41, Pierre Labastie wrote:
> Hi,
> I just noticed that some entry in the long index are not right:
> see for example ~/.vimrc, /etc/login.defs. The reason is that those entries
> appear with only one IDREF in the zone attribute. This is OK if the entry
> appears only once, but not if it appears several times in the book.
> There are two possibilities for fixing that:
> - find the stylesheet where the behavior is defined (writing "page --
> description" when there are two IDREF's in the zone attribute, and just "page"
> without linefeed, when there is only one IDREF), and add the missing linefeed
> when needed.
> - or impose that all the zone attributes have two IDREFS.
> The first solution could be neater, but harder.
> If anybody has an idea.

Actually, I found how to do that... (just add a <br/>). Commit 19936. Let me
know if there is any problem, I'm not totally sure.

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