On 13/03/2018 15:51, Ken Moffat wrote:
The latest firefox has now been released, but their process for
offering the source has changed (not a surprise to me, they've been
doing this for the 59 betas) -

Speaking of FF, I just changed my default browser from seamonkey to FF. I have a question about configuration.

I like to have the Menu Toolbar and Bookmarks Toolbar displayed. On SM, the order is:

1 Menu Toolbar
2 URL and Loading Controls Bar
4 Tab Bar

On FF it is

1 Menu Toolbar
4 Tab Bar
2 URL and Loading Controls Bar

Update:  I started to ask how to do this, but google to the rescue.

# Your default directory will be different
cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/wraymktv.default/chrome
cp userChrome-example.css userChrome.css
vi userChrome.css

At that point I added the text at


Third example.  It may be overkill for Linux, but it works for me.

  -- Bruce
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