Since my last post here, I've tried the following:

1. I discovered how to change voltages on my A320M mobo (click on
the boxes which appear to only allow auto and show in the text at
the left 1.2v for my RAM, 1.8v for my CPU, voltages can be entered
and can be changed with +/- keys) : tried 1.25v and 1.85v.  This
seemed ok in memtest86, so I gave it a build and test : no joy, and
as with the earlier run where I disabled C6, when it crashed the
screen went blank but the box did not reboot and the reset, on/off
front switches were not working.

2. Thanos already had 1.25.0 installed in /usr, and in one of my
test logs there was a message from a build failure which implied
that libstd was not installed (probably related to a segfault in the
debug version).  So I tried installing 1.25.0 in /usr before running
the tests.  No joy, it again rebooted.

3. I then installed gdb - tests complete, the only failure was which needs thumbv6m-none-eabi.

13224 tests run, 1 failed, 13153 passed, 73 ignored, 0 measured, 0
filtered out (so an actual total of 13227).

And I've now got 23 core files.

In my seventh decade astride this planet, and as my own cells degrade,
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            -- Derek Smalls, formerly of Spinal Tap
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