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> Hi,
> 1.  "Xdg-user-dirs" requires "libxslt". (I found this error because of my 
> build order problem)

`--enable-documentation` is default now and building the documentation needs
`xsltproc`.  We can list `libxslt` as "Optional (required to build 
and list `--disable-documentation` in the book.

> 2. "gnome-control-center"
> "libgnomekbd" is the runtime dependence package of "gnome-control-center". 
> (keyboard layout will not shown if it
> is missing.)

Confirm.  Attach a screenshot here.  This button needs `gkbd-keyboard-display`
from [libgnomekbd][1] to work.

> 3. "Mutter"
> I could not build it for a 32 bit system with GCC 8. (It is OK for a 64 bit 
> system)

Confirm.  We can add a `--enable-compile-warnings=minimum` to configure line to
disable -Werror to workaround it.

[1] http://ftp.acc.umu.se/pub/gnome/sources/libgnomekbd
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