On 8/15/19 3:46 PM, Ken Moffat via blfs-dev wrote:
On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 02:35:41PM -0500, Bruce Dubbs via blfs-dev wrote:
Now that LFS-9.0-rc1 has been released we are going into our semi-annual
package 'freeze'.  The term freeze is not a complete freeze.  The general
rule is that we should not be updating, by default, any packages in BLFS
that has already been tagged for 9.0.  Even that can have exceptions if we
discuss the changes first.   There will definitely be package updates for
gcc-9.2, kf5/plasma, vim, and other packages that are marked in the tickets
as 'update before release'.

I think I can update ImageMagick and x264 using my existing build
before starting 9.0 testing, if that is ok ?

Sure, that's fine.  We ned to take a look at xf86-video-intel also.

  -- Bruce
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