On Mon, 2019-12-02 at 21:44 -0600, Bruce Dubbs via blfs-dev wrote:
> I've been trying to update to the latest gtk+3, but have been getting 
> massive failures during the regression tests.
> Upon investigation, most of the failures are due to a .css file 
> generated by sassc.  With some manual modification, the gtk+ tests are 
> back to normal.
> This problem seems to occur with sassc-3.6, but not sassc-3.5.  Upstream 
> gtk maintainers and most other distros that we checked are still at 
> sassc-3.5, although I can find references to both sassc-3.5.5 and sassc 
> 3.6.1 on Arch.
> In BLFS, the packages that use sassc are gnome-shell, 
> gnome-shell-extensions, plasma, and gtk+3.  We currently have 
> sassc-3.6.1 and libsass-3.6.3.
> The question is whether we should roll back sassc/libsass to version 3.5 
> or should just say that the test suite for gtk+3 is broken?
> Opinions?
>    -- Bruce

Probably related, but I had issues with libsass-3.6.3. The Gnome environment was
basically unusable. Things like gnome-terminal would not start most of the time.
I had to revert back to libsass-3.6.1, before things became stable again. I 
kept sassc at 3.6.1 .
This was all running under a VM. I don't run the gtk3 tests, so I cannot 
comment on that.
Probably due to this issue:
I see there are some recent commits in relation to this issue which I haven't 
tried out yet.


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