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On Mon, 2021-04-12 at 09:46 +0200, Tim Tassonis via blfs-dev wrote:
Hi all

I just tried to upgrade my qemu virtual machine to glib 2.68.0, which
lead to lxdm/X not starting anymore. /var/log/lxdm.log reports:

MESA-LOADER: failed to open bochs-drm:
/opt/X11/lib/dri/bochs-drm_dri.so: cannot open shared object file: No
such file or directory (search paths /opt/X11/lib/dri)
failed to load driver: bochs-drm

The file /opt/X11/lib/dri/bochs-drm_dri.so really does not exist, but
with older glib (2.66.8) this is no problem.

A downgrade to glib 2.66.8 does actually fix the problem, so glib 2.68.0
really seems to be the problem here. I will try to investigate further,
but for the moment, I would advise people to stay away from glib 2.68.0,
at least on qemu vm's running X.

Just to be sure: the VM has been updated, but the host has not been touched (no
upgrade of glib2/qemu/whatever on host).

So, the problem really seems to be glib 2.68.0, and thankfully 2.68.1 seems to have a fix for that:


Overview of changes in GLib 2.68.1

* Fix a crash in `GKeyFile` when parsing a file which contains translations
using a `GKeyFile` instance which has loaded another file previously (#2361)

So, I'm giving that a try in a minute.

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