Nicolas FRANCOIS wrote:
> Hi.
> Building a BLFS system above a very recent LFS (SVN-20070726), I noticed
> a problem with Iptables : version 1.3.6 is no longer working, because of
> missing kernel headers :
> nico [ /sources/iptables-1.3.6 ]$ make PREFIX=/usr LIBDIR=/lib
>   BINDIR=/sbin KERNEL_DIR=/usr Making dependencies: please wait...
> Unable to resolve dependency on linux/netfilter_ipv4/ip_conntrack.h. Try
>   'make clean'. 
> Unable to resolve dependency on linux/netfilter_ipv4/ip_nat_rule.h. Try
>   'make clean'.
> I verified on the iptables site, and there I found version 1.3.8, with
> this in the changelog :
> - Fix build error of conntrack match  [Yasuyuki Kozakai]
> So I think 1.3.8 version is now necessary.
> Hope this helps.
> \bye
I also experienced this when i built iptables on 13th June, & resolved 
it by using version 1.3.7.

Apologies for not bringing it up at the time, but i deviated from the 
book by building against the raw kernel-headers (, patched with 
patch-o-matic-ng for additional features, so i wasn't sure the problem 
would affect others...


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