On Wednesday 12 August 2009 13:27:21 Cliff McDiarmid wrote:
> Can anyone suggest a reason for this on LFS?  Has anyone had similar
>  problems?
If I recall kde packages up their own qt copy and a modified version of 
phonon. The last time I used the packaged version of phonon I downloaded 
it from debian, but it can also be checked out with subversion.
> Anyway, it IS finding phonon in qt, but NOT seeing the above files
>  for some reason.
To build against the phonon included with qt you will need to create a 
link: qtdir/include/Phonon -> qtdir/include/phonon/Phonon (at least form 
qt-4.5.2, maybe .1 on, otherwise you'll have to sort out the camel case 
headers however you see fit ;.) I've built this way for a number of 
months but some functionality is lost. For example, in the kde settings 
menu under multimedia I don't have any backends listed, but everything 
has been working for me, and the phonon settings are still accessible 
with qtconfig.

Anyhow, that's my limited experience.

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