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> Well I have managed to get iced tea to successfully compile on a systemd
> system.


> If who ever is in charge of the fixed-paths patch is willing to do so, the
> changes that need to be made to ALL of the Defs-utils.gmk locations is:
> HEAD           = $(UTILS_USR_BIN)head
> UNZIP          = $(UTILS_USR_BIN_PATH)unzip
> UNZIPSFX       = $(UTILS_USR_BIN_PATH)unzipsfx
> ZIPEXE         = $(UTILS_USR_BIN_PATH)zip
> FIND           = $(UTILS_USR_BIN_PATH)find
> TOUCH          = $(UTILS_USR_BIN_PATH)touch
> I have not made changes to patches before and do not want at this stage to
> attempt to do so.  Also I have no idea if the changes to these PATH
> commands will break a non-systemd installation.
> The reason it did not complete the compilation after I had changed
> Defs-utils.gmk the first time is that I had done so only in the
> open-jdk-boot/jdk/common/shared directory, and it seems to revert back to
> calling /bin/find at another point of the compilation.

Is 'find' on your system not in /bin?  It is in the standard LFS.  In 
checking, I don't know why the instructions to move it to /bin were 
removed form the systemd version or the book.

   -- Bruce
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