Em 29-03-2014 06:55, m...@pc-networking-services.com escreveu:
>>> Em 29-03-2014 05:46, m...@pc-networking-services.com escreveu:

>>>> When trying to install valgrind from the 3.9.0 tar ball you get the
>>>> following error:
>>>> checking the GLIBC_VERSION version... unsupported version 2.19
>>>> configure: error: Valgrind requires glibc version 2.2 - 2.17

>>> Have you used the sed that is exactly to solve this problem, in the
>>> instructions of the book?
>>> I have just confirmed that it configures fine.

>> Sorry but there are no instructions for VALGRIND in the BLFS book. :)

Sorry, I am always thinking about svn.

> Erm it seems that valgrind is in the development book, but it is not in
> the current stable book.  Should it have been included in stable?

Perhaps. But we took the decision late for that. And it is not an item
suitable for the errata.

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