On Tue, 08 Apr 2014 4:24:19 PM Prasad Kumbhar wrote:
> hello guys,i followed all the steps as told in the book, i also installed
> ADA additional package as given in the book, but after running the make -k
> check i got the result, but it is some what different from the result shown
> in the test log..... i am attaching the result which i got using
> "../gcc-4.8.2/contrib/test_summary"kindly check the file and tell me
> whether it is OK for continue... or i had to do some other stuff to work it
> correct. Thanks in advance.

As posted on the gcc page:

 The installation process may overwrite your existing GCC gcc and c++ 
compilers and libraries. Having the Tcl, Expect and DejaGnu packages installed 
before beginning the build is highly recommended so you can run the full suite 
of tests. 
 Do not continue with the make install command until you are confident the 
build was successful. You can compare your test results with those found at 

You have to check you results YOURSELF as per the instructions, against the 
given url.

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