I'm trying to setup Connman on my LFS/BLFS system(7.5).  It requires supplicant 
to be configured to D-Bus autostart, so ConnMan can
trigger the autostart of wpa_supplicant, i.e. wpa_supplicant -u.  Obviously 
DBus needs the proper .service and .conf(Connman)for wpa_supplicant.
I have:




The problem I have is, that unless I start supplicant manually, 'wpa_supplicant 
-u', it doesn't get started by d-bus when requested by Connman.
Once it's started I can connect.

I have built supplicant and d-bus with the neccessary options, there were a few 
extra for supplicant to suit Connman.

On an LFS system is there any reason why this d-bus 'thing' would not be 



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