Craig Jackson wrote:

On stable systemd 7.10, I see this sed being applied:
   sed -e 's/“/\"/' -e 's/”/\"/' \
       -i Source/WebCore/xml/XMLViewer.{css,js}

Which returns:
   sed: -e expression #2, char 0: no previous regular expression

When I look at the files it is targeting, I don't see any double-quotes.
Is this sed needed?  webkitgtk-2.12.4 with everything except MathML
compiles just fine on x86_64 this sed.

The copyright statement has non-ascii "smart-quotes" as comments at the beginning of the files that have caused problems in the past. The sed changes them to ascii double-quote characters.

Note that the backslashes in the sed expressions are not strictly needed, but are useful for clarification.

 sed -e 's/“/"/' -e 's/”/"/'

works, but is visually appears to not change anything, depending on the font being used.

  -- Bruce

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