Craig Jackson wrote:
I understand a catchall, but it actually errors out as written in the book
since the commands are chained with &&, and without instructions on the
nuances of including the sed (or not), or skipping that command.  Just want
to make sure since this doesn't seem like the behavior you would want.

My initial thought was some dependency missed, but it actually does find
those files, it just doesn't find the expression so errors out non-zero.

Please do no top post.

If you copy/paste, it does not error out. It is a bit tricky because, depending on the font in your browser, the search part of the sed looks a lot lime the replacement part and can be easily mistyped.

Look closely at Source/WebCore/xml/XMLViewer.css line 17. The quotes around AS IS are not ascii quote characters.

$ head -n17 Source/WebCore/xml/XMLViewer.css|tail -n1|hexdump -C

00000000  20 2a 20 e2 80 9c 41 53  20 49 53 e2 80 9d 20 41  | * ...AS IS... A|

The 2e 80 9c and e2 80 9d sequences should just be a simple 0x22.

I suppose we could change the expression to

sed -e 's/\xe2\x80\x9c/"/' -e 's/\xe2\x80\x9d/"/'  ...

But is that better than what we have?

  -- Bruce

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