Pierre wrote:

I just encountered exactly the same problem with current sysv version of 
BLFS book. I solved the screen unlocking problem adding in /etc/pam.d 
the same configuration files as for kde4 => see 
<http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/7.9/kde/kde-workspace.html> for 

I think this should be added in the book.

Thank you very much Pierre!

I have just created those PAM configuration files and checked twice. The 
problem is disappeared. 

Just for community information: 
Yes, I use systemd version of the book.
I have installed Plasma 5.8.4 using the same instructions in the book for the 
5.8.3 version.
Also I did install Okular from KDE Applications 16.12. It is beta but probably 
this version is better then old git version in the book.

Kind regards,


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