Compilation error during make after std ./configure values dictated in the
blfs book.

convert/source-ext2.c:425:13: error: ‘struct ext2_ext_attr_entry’ has no
member named ‘e_value_block’; did you mean ‘e_value_offs’?
  if (entry->e_value_block != 0 || value_size > size ||
make: *** [Makefile:282: convert/source-ext2.o] Error 1

1- most correct solution:
Change the line 425 column 13 value of the source file
convert/source-ext2.c from  e_value_block to e_value_offs. In this case
compilation runs
off correctly and the final btrfs-convert function is available in the

2- otherwise add in the .configure step the option  -- disable-convert. In
this case obviously the btrfs-convert function is absent .
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