Le 16/01/2020 à 02:37, Alan Feuerbacher via blfs-support a écrit :
> In building mesa-19.3.2 I found that configure requires two programs that are
> listed in the BLFS book as recommended, or not at all:
> Wayland-1.17.0
> Wayland-protocols-1.18

Since they are recommended, they are assumed to be present when running our
instructions. They are not strictly required, but you may need some added
"--disable" switch if they are not present. See the link passed by Douglas,
paragraph "Dependencies".

> I also found that "ninja install" must be done before "ninja test". Otherwise
> libglapi.so is not found and the tests fail.
> The same is true for pixman-0.38.4 . Install must come before test.
> The same is true for libepoxy-1.5.4 . Install must come before test.

I think you have the same permission problem as for git: try building and
running the tests as a normal user. I bet the libraries would be found then.


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